YOUth COOPs: Promoting Social and Cooperative Entrepreneurship for young people

Project: 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011519

Duration: 1/11/18-31/12/20

YOUth COOPs is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union.

The project pursues the implementation of innovative practices in order to create a favourable environment for young people to engage in social cooperative entrepreneurship in their local communities, through the aim of bringing closer the youth organizations to the world of cooperatives, thus enabling young people to fully take advantage of the cooperative enterprise model.​

This open learning portal for trainers and young learners let you find resources about social entrepreneurship, transversal skills and non-formal education.

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    Available courses

    The training course aims to encourage youth workers to develop the attitudes and skills that are needed to run a cooperative. Leading founders of social co-operatives are social entrepreneurs that act as key change makers by collectively pursuing a social aim.

    The training course is focused on exploring the social cooperative and its main features. The programme will present the participants all the steps to set up a cooperative, from responding to a social need to implementing the cooperative services.

    The training is focused on providing participants with skills to identify and analyse social needs in their community and meet those needs with social innovation strategies.

    The training course will allow participants to present their business ideas to each other for peer review to test and create the final version of the Business Model Canvas on Social Cooperatives.

    In this section, you can discuss on different topics related to SOCIAL and COOPERATIVE entrepreneurship through discussions via chat open 24 hours a day or through virtual rooms moderated by mentors selected by the partner organizations of the project.

    This section is fully dedicated to the opportunities made available by the European Union, but not only, addressed to young people. Here you can find useful links to deepen the functioning of the Erasmus program, voluntary initiatives, mobility and work experiences abroad.